Residential Electrical Safety Inspections



Under the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2020, effective 29 March 2021, the rental provider must:
      •        Ensure an electrical safety check of all electrical appliances, installations and fittings is conducted                  every 2 years by a licensed or registered electrician;
      •        Provide the renter with the date of the most recent safety check upon request; and
      •        If an electrical safety check has not been conducted within the last 2 years the rental provider                          must arrange one as soon as practicable upon a renter occupying the premises.
Elec-Air & Automation can assist landlords and property managers maintain legislative compliance:
      •        Taking care of the landlord bookings and liaising with tenants.
      •        Maintaining a database for all properties that have been inspected.
      •        Flagging when an electrical safety inspection is due.  
In short, we do all of the legwork, so you don’t have to!

What has Changed?


In September 2018, the Victorian Parliament passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018. As the Act commences, it will progressively amend the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to introduce more than 130 reforms to Victoria’s rental laws.

As part of these reforms, landlords and property managers have a duty to ensure regular safety checks of various services are completed, including gas and electrical services by a properly qualified professional. An electrical safety check includes a comprehensive service and testing of all electrical installations and fittings within the property. Refer to the draft Residential Tenancies Regulations 2020 for more information.



How does this affect Landlords and Property Managers?


Landlords and property managers will be legally required to ensure all rental properties have an electrical safety inspection conducted every 2 years by a licensed electrical contractor. Failure to ensure electrical appliances are properly installed or correctly maintained could potentially fatally injure tenants, cause significant property damage, and expose the landlord (or agent acting on their behalf) to civil liability and potentially costly litigation.


How can Elec‐Air & Automation help?


Elec‐Air & Automation have been engaging with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) to build a comprehensive electrical inspection and testing program. The electrical inspection shall only be carried out by a licensed Electrician, and meet a minimum criterion. An inspection report and certificate of compliance will then be provided to the property manager and Landlord.


We take the hassle out of ensuring compliance by:

  • Taking care of the Landlord bookings and liaising with tenants.

  • Maintaining a database for all properties that have been inspected.

  • Flagging when an electrical safety inspection is due.


In short, we do all of the legwork so you don’t have to!


Energy Safe Victoria direction relating to electrical safety checks

Electrical safety

There are two critical areas relating to electrical safety:

   •   Proper installation of new or replacement electricity appliances, and

   •   Correct maintenance and use of existing appliances by following manufacturers’ instructions.

Failure to meet these requirements can cause death or serious injury as well as serious property damage.

Landlords’ responsibilities

   •   Ensure only licensed electrical professionals perform all electrical work

   •   Before re-letting, ensure all appliances are safe and any unsafe appliance is repaired or disposed of

   •   Ensure electrical appliances are cleaned regularly in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions –                    particular attention should be paid to dust build-up on cooling fan inlets and all parts of heaters

   •   Check electrical appliances for damage to plugs, leads and casings that may expose live parts or                    cause a fire

   •   Ensure electrical wiring, socket outlets and switches are maintained in a safe condition,

   •   Ensure all ventilation openings are clear and unobstructed

   •   Record all safety checks and details of work carried out on a licensed electrical installation.